The first HD imager to capture the meibomian glands to assess the structure of your meibomian glands and help diagnose Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). The LipiScan offers dynamic surface illumination and adaptive transillumination technologies, the device creates a fast and intuitive image of your glands generating a multidimensional view.

With this new equipment, the cause of dry eye can be identified with high accuracy. Therefore, your eye doctor can prescribe the most appropriate treatment possible to treat your painful dry eye symptoms.


The LipiFlow treatment may not be right for your eyes. During a Vision Consultation we can perform a series of evaluations to determine the root cause of your dry eye. We will use the non-invasive LipiView interferometer to assess your tear film and the Meibomian Gland EvaluatorTM to examine the quantity and quality of the oils.
Our Spartanburg, South Carolina dry eye doctors can perform the virtually painless LipiFlow treatment right in the office. Contact us today to schedule your Vision Consultation. The right treatment of dry eyes will depend on your type of dry eye.