LENSX Blade-Free Cataract Surgery

Palmetto Eye & Laser Center was one of the first practices in the Upstate area to invest in the blade-free cataract surgery technology: the LenSx® laser, it was the first femtosecond laser approved by the FDA for blade-free cataract surgery. It has been used in over 400,000 cataract procedures worldwide.

While the traditional cataract surgery method is still effective and involves making the incisions with a hand-held blade and using an ultrasonic device to break up and remove the lens, the Blade-Free cataract surgery creates precise incisions allowing each patient a more personalized treatment. Your new replacement Intraocular Lens (IOL) is placed through this incision.

LenSx laser is often performed in conjunction with an Advanced Technology Lens for an optimal outcome.  During your cataract evaluation your surgeon will take time to get to know you: your hobbies, your lifestyle, your activity level. We use this information, along with detailed assessments of your eye health, to make recommendations on the best replacement lens for your unique needs. Your surgeon will make the recommendation but ultimately you get to decide the route you want to take.

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The femtosecond technology uses automated, computer-controlled laser pulses to create incisions on the lens capsule, crystalline lens and cornea for precisely tailored and accurate results. Each procedure is based on a high- resolution, 3D surgical platform for both the incision and lens fragmentation. For most patients the procedure takes between 15-30 minutes and only causes mild discomfort after the procedure.


  • Procedure is quicker and more comfortable: The LenSx® laser loosens the cataract, it minimizes the use of ultrasound energy to remove the cataract. This helps diminish the chance of thermal injury to tissues inside the eye and enhances the recovery period.
  • Improved precision and accuracy: With the laser being programmable and computer-guided, a more precise circular incision around the cataract can be achieved, this will improve accuracy during placement of the intraocular lens implant and expedite greater likelihood of clear vision.
  • Surgery is more precise for your unique eye and results are more accurate: The benefit of using the LenSx® laser is avoiding a manual incision with a surgical blade, which will eliminate the need for astigmatism correction glasses post-surgery.

To find out if laser cataract surgery is right for you, contact us today to schedule a cataract consultation in Boiling Springs, South Carolina.